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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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Today, archaeologists seem to consider several lines of research concerning the origin of the Incas.

At the time Inca, the only clues to the origins of the Inca dynasty from legends. Especially those concerning cappac Manco. However, several legends coexist. One of them refers to Lake Titicaca comm ele cradle of Inca civilization, another Tampu refers tocco and brothers Ayar.

The only precise name of a people who preceded the Incas found in the writings is that of Manu. They are found in the writings of Montesinos, recover prior written Blas Valera now Lost.

It gives a list of some sixty kings who preceded Manco cappac list of which can be divided into three parts. Kings Piru, kings Amautas and kings Tampu tocco. But the word amautas was also a look, t used to designate the wise to the Inca period. Perhaps a mark of nobility from the previous dynasty.

Part I : The works of Fernando Montesinos

Part II : Origin and Migration

Part III : The Inca today

Part IV : Paratoari & Pusharo

Part V : Païtiti : City of Knowledge

fig. 1
Machu Picchu

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