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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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City "B" and the Great Pyramid

During my research I have seen two very strange forms on the Amazonian slope of the Andes. These forms may be natural, just as the pyramids of Paratoari. However, their form so special and so unique in an area not having the same characteristics pushed me to the considered likely human constructions. Their position is also very interesting, both for strategic vision. Cons by their size is so impressive that if construction is human, he would surely pyramids in the wider world, which still seems strange. Indeed, the first basic square is 400 meters from the side and second, a diamond shape, with a central circular shape, has a diagonal of 1km and the other 300 meters. If the Not all observed human construction, the characteristic that these areas would have been able to do, like the pyramids of Paratoari, places of worships and therefore indicate the location of a residential area. In particular a peak of more modest dimensions, could be used to build a city or a temple.

For the moment, no coordinated or images of these sites will be shown here. They will be communicated prior to archaeologists so they can identify and avoid sites that many grave robbers rushed upon the scene. I named the first pyramid city "B" because, upstream thereof, is a vegetated area whose shape is a B in the center of a circle may represent two buildings in the center of a square aujourd 'hui covered with vegetation.

Fig 1
approximative shape of the great pyramide
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