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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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Partie I : Sacred Valley

Partie II : Around Cuzco

We know that Sacsayhuaman in the shape of the head of Puma, whose body is formed by the city of Cuzco. But we also know that there are other sites around Cuzco. The best known are Kenk'o, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara ... There are actually a surprising number of the drawing area. Some forms are huge and amazing, like a man whose size is almost 21 times the size of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. In addition Sacsayhuaman means "satisfied falcon". If we consider now the fortress is Comem head of a puma, it seems more likely that the shape of the city is a hawk.

Sites already known in the area have some importance, but what about other forms found in the vicinity.

Sacsayhuaman: A hawk

Relevance of the drawing medium (wing position ambiguous)

The fortress of Sacsayhuaman was built on a hill. If the form is not limited to the mound, then placed the box on the hill should be the head. The current hypothesis is that the city of Cuzco was the body of the animal and the fortress tail. If one refers to the elevation, this would be possible. However the distance between buildings of the fortress of Cuzco left seems to think that the city and the fortress are two different designs. Thus, the idea was to look at both the head of the Puma of Cuzco, but also the actual shape of Sacsayhuaman, which, according to its name, being a hawk.
The shape of the city of Cuzco is now difficult to detect because the buildings built after the Inca have completely altered the shape of the city. However some elements are known. The location of the palace of Inca Roca, the position of the sun temple and other structures. We know that the head of significance in the form of Puma and the eye almost always represented. We can consider that Cusco has been drawn on a flat surface, and therefore the elevation difference to guide the design can be used. At this stage, and with the information I have, it appears likely that the head of the puma is the area around the temple of the sun. The form would be reversed from the current hypothesis. The study plans of the city at the time could help confirm easily these assumptions. In Figure 1 you can see the supposed position of head, ear and eye.

On Sacsayhuaman, different structures and terrace is located nearby (Fig. 2). Knowing the position of head and size, we can try to discover the drawing represented. I arrived to find two forms that differ in the position of the wing (Fig. 3). To succeed in determining the actual form, should study the area bounded on the spot and the existing terraces and position of the walls of the Inca period because we know that the Spaniards used it many stones to build the site the buildings of Cuzco. The shape of the tail seems clear even if she is now occupied by recent constructions, and the position of leg which explains the membership of the area with the Sacsayhuaman site.

Kenk'o a parrot

Position: 13 ° 30'36 .65 "S and 71 ° 58'13 .67" O
Relevance: High

The shape of the site kenk'o is one of the most easily identified (Fig. 4). The important area is the set of rock that forms a maze of empty space in the center represents the eye. We then easily mark the bill and the puff of the parrot and the terraces surrounding demarcating areas of significant size, allowing to distinguish the wing and tail of the bird. We therefore obtained a parrot.

Puca Pucara

Position: 13 ° 28'58 .72 "S and 71 ° 57'39 .87" O
Relevance: Strong

The citadel of Puca Pucara has a quite simple to determine as well. The buildings of the fortress is the head of the drawing. It easily distinguished the beak and a rounded shape represents the eye. The surrounding terraces have the shape and exact position of a wing. We therefore obtained a bird (Fig. 5).

The condor

Position: 13 ° 29'46 .11 "S and 71 ° 58'29 .28" O
Relevancy: Forte

One of the sites of the area represents a condor (Figure 6). Kenk'o As for the rock structure has been used to represent certain elements of the design. From these examples we can think that the Incas carried a map structures and natural looking how to use them to draw shapes while placing structures.

The bird

Position: 13 ° 30'9 .82 "S and 71 ° 58'29 .28" O
Relevance: medium (requires on-site observation)

The use of the rock structure, the circle indicating the eye and decks to draw the beak suggests the presence of a design shaped like a bird (7 figure).

The bird near Kenk'o

Position: 13 ° 30'21 .02 "S 71 ° 58'13 and .69" O
Relevance: High

The head is again characterized by an important location and well defined, and the wing is bordered by terraces (Fig. 8).

Tambomatchay a bird?

Position: 13 ° 28'43 .47 "S and 71 ° 57'58 .80" O
Relevance: low

The bathrooms seem to be a beak or mouth and the upper terrace eye. By cons I could clearly identify the remains of the body. (Fig. 9)

Giant armored

Position: 13 ° 29'55 .99 "S and 71 ° 57'40 .17" O
Relevance: medium

This form is huge. It may be composed of two characters. The head of one of them is characterized by ruins. This appears to be a man in armor holding a spear. Another form appears to represent a foot and the knee of a man who would be on land, as defeated by the soldier in armor, his head being formed by a rock structure (Fig. 10)

The path of birds

Strangely, it appears that all forms around the Sacsayhauman path from Tambomatchay to be birds. And there are also other ways around this path also seems to represent birds.

Partie III : Urubamba valley

Partie IV : Pisco

Partie V : Pachacamac

fig. 1
puma head in Cuzco

fig. 2
fortress Sacsayhuaman

fig. 3
two possible shape for Sacsayhuaman

fig. 4
Kenk'o : parrot.

fig. 5
Puca Pucara : duck.

fig. 6

fig. 7

fig. 8
bird near Kenk'o

fig. 9

fig. 10

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