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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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Part I : Sacred Valley

Part II : Around Cuzco

Part III : Urubamba valley

Part IV : Pisco

Having discovered drawings Pachamac, a perfect finishing less than Machu Picchu and the cities of Sacred Valley, we can assume that these are the previous attempts. There are some drawings using terraces, but mainly it is road and piles of stones with occasional buildings. The relief could explain it but I think this is an example of a technique intermediate between that used to Machu Picchu and the one used in Nazca. In making this assumption, one begins to wonder if it would not exist between the drawings and Nazca Pachacamac, on the Pacific coast. In looking at satellite images, I found ways around the city of pisco: Two birds (Fig. 1.c and 1.d, Coordinates: 13 ° 49'35 .12 "S, 76 ° 9'14 .46" O and 13 ° 50'14 .21 "S, 76 ° 9'34 .35" W), a snake (Fig. 1.B, Coordinates: 13 ° 47'17 .74 "S, 76 ° 10'44 .98" W) and head lama (Fig. 1.A). The style uses rectangular shapes of large size. The design is very geometric. (fig 1)

The presence of geometric designs in Pisco, Nazca, Pachamac technically more or less close suggests that this technique has spread along the coast. The discovery of the Nazca lines was made easier by their location: a desert area without the presence of housing. This has enabled man to distinguish them easily, unlike the case of Pachacamac and Pisco have a location more suitable to the sedentary population. When the Spaniards settled, construction era were mixed designs, making them more difficult to perceive. However it seems that many other designs are present on the coast and could reflect the evolution of the Nazca lines.

Part V : Pachacamac

fig. 1

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