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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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Part I : The works of Fernando Montesinos

Part II : Origin and Migration

Part III : The Inca today

Without looking for evidence, trying to know what became of the last Inca. The Spanish army was able to reach easily and Vilcabamba captured Tupac Amaru and his followers while they were taking flight. It seems obvious that all the faithful of Tupac Amaru were not captured. The remaining parties in the north or west of Vilcabamba. It may be to prevent the Spaniards go further north and discover other major cities as the last Inca emperor went resistant, allowing his people to live in peace then. These will live apart. After years of rebellion and that ultimate defeat for them, this signifies the end of combat. They certainly know the location of the towns they left behind, Machu Picchu, Choqequiraw. But these cities too close to the border area controlled by the Spaniards are too exposed to settle, probably explaining their abandonment. There remains the other major cities of the empire north and west, may be Paititi. And this surely the remaining Incas took refuge and live.

They have to live there quietly for years in spying on the Spanish. After the influx of Spanish in Peru, it appears clear that any hope of regaining power was lost. The population has over the years, probably divided into two groups: those deciding to go mingle with the Spanish and those remaining in the small group descended from the Incas. It is likely that today, some Peruvians living in the area north of Espiritu Pampa are descendants of the Incas. The existence of large cities may not have been lost, the gold that was there may even be used to enrich a part of this population. But this should be a closely guarded secret. What event could explain the loss of information on the location of other major cities Inca? A massacre in order to prevent anyone from revealing the secret? A collective decision to mingle with the invaders but not to tell anyone about the location of these cities. It is likely that Vilcabamba is not the limit Amautas northern kingdom. Other cities as beautiful as Machu Picchu and Choquequirao have strong chances of being further north or further west.

Part IV : Paratoari & Pusharo

Part V : Païtiti : City of Knowledge

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