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Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and the mistery of incas cities

Tampu tocco, Machu Picchu and mysteries of inca cities

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Sacsayhuaman, other designs in architecture.

The cyclopean walls of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman also have patterns formed by the assembly of stone. We can appreciate an example in Figure 1. The forms identified are probably not accurate and could be slightly different. The wall seems to represent an animal tracking one or two small. The shape of the left, the tall, is virtually certain. The eye, legs, body and tail are clearly visible and in place. A reservation, however, on the stone beneath the eye and the stone used in the ear. Indeed, assuming it would be a puma, I suggest instead the form shown in Figure 2.

The presence of another drawing on the wall is described by two sets of identical geometry but different sizes centered around the stone used to build the body of an animal.

The walls of Sacsayhuaman were greatly reduced in size by the Spaniards who have used the stones of the fortress to build buildings in Cuzco. We can deduce that only part of the original drawings are shown. The walls appear to have many designs. Snakes and other animals appear to be present. However a detailed study and knowledge of exact method is necessary to determine all these drawings.

Fig 1

Fig 2
other possible shape

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